The fabulous team that make it all happen

Grant, CEO
CEO / Founder

Software developer, workaholic, laid back, likes to win, generally well behaved

Tracy, CTO
CTO / Founder

Software developer, has to beat Grant in any competition, loves stationery and likes lists

Jan, Admin Support
Admin Support

It is all in the preparation for Jan, Self titled "Project Manager". Not so keen on technology. Often heard saying "How do I turn this on?"

Maria, Customer Success Team Lead
Customer Success Team Lead

Brilliant parallel parker. Often seen at the gym. Cooks scrambled egg in the microwave. Generationist. Probs not going to heaven 😜

Allison, Developer
Software Developer

Dispensing Optician turned Developer. If I walk without falling over it's a good day! Always smile without teeth and love the smell of my dogs paws 🐕

Amanda, Success and Support Partner
Customer Success & Support Partner

Nail Queen.
Loves everything from the 1950’s. She's the Mary Berry of the family 🍰

Lynette, Finance and Business Team
Finance & Business Team

Corporate lawyer and law enforcer who ditched it for accounts. Child like food habits. Likes a glass of milk, loves the sun. Curates shoes and handbags 👠

Andy, Business Development
Business Development

Dispensing optician. Makes stuff out of wood. Can fix anything round the office. Loves making people laugh. Hates milk.

Amber, Success and Support Partner
Customer Success & Support Partner

On a night out, normally either sleeping or dancing. Laughs at her own jokes. Always up to mischief and loves a prank.

Emma, Admin

Knows an A380 from a 747. McDonalds devotee. Always early for work, and always first at the bar. Youngest in the office 👶

Chloe, Success and Support Partner
Customer Success and Support Partner

Still Game devotee. Loves dogs, long walks and online shopping. Has never tried a mars bar.

Kayleigh, Data and Business Support Partner
Data and Business Support Partner

Should have been a Disney princess. Gaelic enthusiast. Lover of Doggos of all shapes and sizes.

Louise, Onboarding Consultant
Onboarding Consultant

Dispensing Optician. Keeps chocolate in the fridge. Loves Dogs, DIY projects and Disney.

Michael, Head of Software Engineering
Head of Software Engineering

Cosmologist turned coder. Loves numbers and space. Munroist, cyclist, and cooker of awesome curries.