Expanded Features List

an expanded view of the main features of the system

Patient Record
 Secure storage
 Fast Patient Search
 Postcode search/ Addressing included (Full UK)
 Patient record can be viewed from all locations
 Tracking/ Status icons
 Drag and Drop Electronic Diary
 Multiple Clinics
 Colour coding appt/ optoms
 Real Time Online Booking on your website
 Customisable appointments
 Allow/ Prevent double bookings
 Arrived/ No Show status
Clinical Records
 Configurable layout of record cards
 Unlimited examination types
 Quick fast-fill buttons (per user)
 Previous Record & Today's side by side
 Multiple tabs, simultaneuous working on multiple patients
 Save time on examinations
 MECS schemes/ Diabetic Screening options
 Auto produce referrals/ letters
 Digital dispensing order
 Records frames & lenses
 Collection Records
 QR Code tracking
 SMS/Email notifications
Contact Lenses
 CL Trial examination
 Aftercare records
 CL Ordering management
 Repeatable orders
 Integrated Direct Debit payments
 Audiology Assessment records
 Hearing Follow up record
Cash/Point of Sale
 Electronic EPOS Till System
 Intelligent EPSON receipt printing
 Connected to debit/ credit card machine
 Making Tax Digital: Digital Links
 End of Day cashing up balancing
 Discounts/ Voids managed by user access levels
 History of all sales records
 VAT Tracking - SDC Separately Disclosed Charging
 VAT Tracking - FCA Fixed Cost Apportionment
 Fast, efficient recall system
 Recall by letter, SMS, email
 Reminder by phonecall
 Managed recall options
 Optional diary optimisation
Marketing/ Comms
 Send SMS text messages/ emails
 Postcards and Letters
 Target by group/ category
 Larger managed campaigns
 Product categorisation
 Individual stock control
 Connected to till system
 Stock take
Direct Debits
 Full integrated system
 Create digital mandate within XEYEX
 Automatic reconciling
 Notification failed payments
 Both spectacle & CL sales
NHS Vouchers
 Reconciliation of NHS payments
 eOphthalmic Scotland, all types, no VPN required
 eGOS England, full integration GOS1/3/4/5/6
 Printing GOS/NI Pears Northern Ireland
 Patient & Recall statistics
 Financial data
 Management report
 Stock/ Product report
 Custom reporting options
 GoCardless (Direct Debits)
 XERO (Accountancy System)
 PaymentSense Credit Cards
 Nidek 3100/5100 Phoropter
 Nidek TonoRefII
 Nidek LM500 Lensmeter
Cloud Infrastructure
 Enterprise level data centre, load balanced servers
 Full automated backup
 Secure EU GDPR compliant data centres
 Failover data centres for emergencies
 Success & Support Team helpline 9-6pm, Mon to Fri
 On-call support at weekends/public holidays for technical issues
 xCast Mobile app for imaging
 Connect Support & Community Mobile app